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I’ve been fortunate to have done many things in my life & many people are interested whether it be the Marine Corps, Bodybuilding, Personal Training, Acting, Stunt Work or Overcoming Adversity. I love communicating with everyone about life experiences through my website & my social media.

Submitting a Question

I want this to be fun, personal, and helpful! Please use common sense and show courtesy with your questions. That way everyone wins! Here are some guidelines to ensure your questions gets answered.

1. Please keep your questions short, concise and to the point.

2. For voice messages, if you have a website and URL, you’re allowed to share it only once during the recording. For example: “Hi, my name is Billy Smith. I have a blog called Billy Smith’s guide to healthy living at My question is…”

So how can I help?

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You’re not alone with your questions. Other people are thinking them too! Each month, I will personally send a free shirt to any question that is selected as the “question of the month!”

An email asking shirt size and mailing address will follow the selection, so be on the lookout!