Owner and trainer, Aaron Williamson, works with actors, top athletes and other film personnel to help them achieve their fitness goals for films, competitive seasons or special events.

Fueled by fitness & motivated by inspiring others, Aaron specializes in functional training, physical performance, rehabilitation, core strengthening & stability & bodybuilding/physique transformation.

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JK Simmons gets JACKED!
By Aaron Williamson on June 7, 2016

Every time we train together I forget he's 61 years old. So much respect for this guy. @aaronvwilliamson  

The U.S. Military, USO & Wounded Warriors
By Aaron Williamson on March 1, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: Something very near & dear to me: the U.S. Marine Corps. The fraternity that accepted me & changed my life. A huge goal of mine has been to use my success & my journey to inspire & motivate. Now, I have the chance to give back & hopefully impact theRead More

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In December of 2010 I met Aaron through my massage therapist & I told him what I wanted to do – get my health & life back on track. Being a member of Congress, I had a crazy schedule for years & found myself physically in a place I could have never imagined with my health at risk. Starting January 2, 2010 I began working w/ Aaron.

He made a lot of promises to me up front that I found hard to believe but he had a confidence about what he was saying. “As long as you follow my nutrition protocols & training program, you will be amazed very quickly at the results you’ll achieve”, Aaron said. He also used to say, “I’m a Marine. I won’t let you down.”

Having been eating anything I wanted for years, it was a huge shock to my body when I began following a meal program Aaron wrote out for me.  I was stunned. First week weight loss of 10lbs. Second week 20lbs. The amazing thing was how he taught me how to eat all over again. It was healthy & tasted good. And I was able to have cheat meals & while I was on the go, he told me healthy options to look for.