Fueled by fitness &
motivated by inspiring others

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When Fitness lifestyle meets passion and Purpose

Aaron Williamson, known for transforming the physiques of actors, top athletes and other film personnel, has grown to new levels in the film and entertainment industry.

Fueled by fitness & motivated by inspiring others, Aaron has discovered his purpose outside of the gym. He now spends his time channeling his extraordinary life experiences into character building acting roles. Aaron is also driven by supporting and helping others through various organizations like the SPCA, various troubled youth groups, and Veteran specific non-profits.



Aaron Williamson was born and raised in Daytona Beach, FL. After graduating from high school he joined the Marine Corps which is when his life drastically changed. Out of high school he traveled the world as a Marine Corps infantryman participating in several large scale training evolutions.

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“There are heroes walking among us every day.

Ordinary people who have overcome challenging obstacles to achieve their dreams and inspire others with their passion for life.”


Client Testimonials

Aaron is the best trainer I’ve worked with. Hands down the best motivation, encouragement, education, support, spirit, love & passion! He’s definitely living his purpose.
Aaron’s knowledge in health, fitness & the human body is unmatched, in my opinion. He’s well versed in training & supplementation to maximize the results of training. His goal is to get you in the shape you desire while keeping you as healthy as possible.

I highly recommend him to anyone not only because he’s so well versed in what he does but because he understands our needs being in the film industry. It’s not easy to find someone like him.


US Marine Corps: True Grit