“In every aspect of what I do, the goal is to teach along the way. The more my clients know, the better off he or she will be in achieving great results.”

Upon returning to the United States after years in Iraq, Aaron jumped knee deep into fitness to fulfill his dream to compete as a bodybuilder and coach athletes. In the process, he found himself in an entirely new and amazing journey. Aaron now offers comprehensive fitness training to celebrities and athletes around the world.

Owner and trainer, Aaron Williamson, works with actors, top athletes and other film personnel to help them achieve their fitness goals for films, competitive seasons or special events. Aaron is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran fueled by fitness & motivated by inspiring others! He specializes in functional training, physical performance, rehabilitation, core strengthening & stability & bodybuilding/physique transformation.

When pursuing a certain physical look or condition whether it be for a film, competition, or game, we all know, some sacrifices will have to be made but Aaron helps to make it as painless as possible and provides variety, as well as, tips & tricks to get through those tough times. Athletes have even more nutritional needs based upon the physical exertion placed on their body day-in and day-out. A couple of miscalculations can lead to plateaus, overtraining and total exhaustion – exactly what an athlete does NOT want to happen.