PLAY 60 at New Orleans’ ReNEW Schaumberg Elementary

Giving back to the community. Paying it forward. That’s the true definition of a successful person. There’s nothing better than changing people’s lives by sharing your time & attention.

Aaron Williamson NFL Saints Guest Speaking 4

I was the Keynote Speaker for the NFL New Orleans Saints ‪#‎FuelUp‬ to ‪#‎Play60‬ with the ‪#‎SouthEastDairyAssociation‬ for over 500 kids at ReNEW Schaumberg Elementary. They found out I was in ‪#‎TerminatorGenisys‬ & freaked out. Very cool moment. @SkyDance Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Genisys

Aaron Williamson NFL Saints Guest Speaking 1

The NFL’s New Orleans Saints teamed up with the SouthEast Dairy Association to host an event called “Fuel Up to Play 60“. Eat healthy (fuel up) and get at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day (Play 60). I got to share a little about me & what I do, what I eat & how I got to where I am today. Aaron Williamson NFL Saints Guest Speaking 2

To make things a little more interesting & entertaining, the New Orleans Saints Mascot, Gumbo, joined me on the action. I think he was acutally a little more popular than I was!

Aaron Williamson NFL Saints Guest Speaking 3

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